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                         Flip-Mats AoE Templates Stat Cards


Orginal Front
-1" Squares

Forest Path - Front
-1" Squares

City Square - Front
-1" Squares

Dungeon - Front
-1" Squares

Orginal Back
 -1" Hexes


Forest Path - Back
-1" Squares


City Square - Back
-1" Squares


Dungeon - Back
-1" Squares


Tavern - 1" Squares

Ship - 1" Squares


Folded to 8" by 10"


Dry Erase in Red, Wet Erase in Blue and Sharpie in Black




The STEEL SQWIRE Flip-Mat™ is designed to make your game portable & affordable.

It is constructed of durable laminated card stock ~ 70 lb paper - comparable to that of a restaurant menu.

The Flip-Mat™ is 2 feet wide by nearly 3 feet long (24" by 30") & quickly & conveniently folds to the size slightly smaller than average notebook paper (8" by 10").  On one side there are 1" Squares & on the flip side 1" Hexes.

When mapping out your adventures you will no longer have to worry about the markers that you or your players may be traveling with.  The Flip-Mat™ can handle Wet Erase, Dry Erase, & Permanent Markers.

This gaming aid is great for conventions, new gamers, or Game Masters who want multiple mats to pre-draw separate encounters.

Flip-Mat™ Advantages

  • Fits in Gaming Binders, Backpacks, or Traveling Gaming Boxes for gamers on the go.

  • Ability to draw rooms with Wet or Permanent Markers, use Dry Erase for detail and spontaneous information during the game.  One swipe with a Eraser & Flip-Mat™ is ready to run the encounter again.

  • One Flip-Mat™ covers a variety of games with both squares and hexes.

  • The Price is Right!

Frequency Asked Questions about the Flip-Mat™ can be found on our Help page.

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