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                         Flip-Mats AoE Templates Stat Cards

Area of Effect Templates

Miniatures Skirmish Package
10' & 20' Radius
 30' Straight & Diagonal Cones
Line of Sight Indicator


Spell Radius Package
10', 20', 40' Radius


Diagonal Cone Package
30' w/ 60' extension


Straight Cone Package
30' w/ 60' extension


Outline your Area of Effect with our steel wire templates.

Each STEEL SQWIRE template is constructed of .092" galvanized steel wire, about the diameter of a paint can handle, for durability(picture).  Each bend has been made with computer accuracy and closed with a spot weld.  These templates are sure to last you just as long as the original D&D itself.

You deserve these templates because playing time is precious.  These templates do not waste Flip-Mat space, do not interfere with miniatures, eliminate drawing & square counting time, & reduce argument lengths.  Each template package comes in a plastic storage folder designed to fit your 3 ring gaming binder.

Color templates are available & provide clarity to which templates are yours or which effect the template represents.  Color templates are coated in a rubberized finish in Black, Blue, & Red.

Purchase at or a gaming store near you!


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