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Steel Sqwire DiesaicAugust 2007:   NEW! at Gen Con Indy, the inventor of Steel Sqwire will be debuting in the art gallery with 3d6 Art. Jeff has taken his innovative mind and joined with artist, Tony Mastrangeli, to create Diesaics.  This unique art form will utilize our gaming staple, dice, to create an amazing fantasy image. Click here to visit 3d6 Art and view the first 10 Diesaics.

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for the game!

Steel Sqwire History

Welcome to STEEL SQWIRE, LLC.  Steel Sqwire is a game accessory manufacturer.  We enjoy making products that allow the games you play to be more enjoyable.

STEEL SQWIRE, LLC was founded in July 2004 by designer, innovator and entrepreneur Jeff Petersen.  STEEL SQWIRE's initial product was developed based on the need to provide Dungeon and Dragon players with a faster and cleaner playing environment.  Jeff's wife, Stephanie, was never really fond of having her husband come home after an evening of gaming with blue fingers from casting spells and/or throwing fireballs with a wet erase marker during an adventure.  This complaint led to the creation of the Spell Radius packages by STEEL SQWIRE. 

If you are new to the game and not sure why fingers would be blue or what a spell radius is, click here for a full description. 

You may ask, why wire?  If you've been a gamer for a while you may have tried cardboard, plastic, pipe cleaners or hangers for your spell templates.  Well, Jeff had these same thoughts and made the sturdiness of the product and the ability to place the template around the miniatures in play his highest priority.  He tested many types of materials and found that for gamers only the strongest would do and as a result the STEEL template was born.  A wire former/bender out east cheerfully fulfilled our request without a thought as to how we were going to utilize these crazy shapes. 

This may lead you to now ask, why Squire?  All of our products are designed to aid gamers.  We don't make games, but rather create products to make your game more fun.  In Chivalry, the Squire is an aid to a Knight.  He is there to provide the Knight with what he needs to perform at his best.  Our hope is that our products give you that same feel and provide you with what you need in your adventures.

Enjoy and Keep Gaming!

New to the Game

So what do blue fingers have to do with game accessories?  During a D&D adventure when playing with a game mat and miniatures various spells can be cast by characters.  Each type of spell has specifics to it's duration, size and effect.  The size of radius and cone spells are standardized in the d20 Standard Reference Document.  Prior to STEEL SQWIRE players would use wet erase makers to draw the outline of the spell around their miniatures effected by the spell.  If the spell ended or they changed their mind on the location of the spell the player would have to obtain a paper towel and something wet to remove the spell.  Inevitability the wet erase marker residue ended up on every players hands!  With STEEL SQWIRE Spell Radius and Cone Templates a player no longer has to take the time to draw the outline and the templates can easily be picked up and put away when the duration ends.  A much cleaner and faster way to keep the momentum and fun of the game going! 

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